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A Competitive Advantage for Job Seekers

Graduate Career Services offers individual advising sessions, assistance in creating job search materials, mock interviews, online presence critiques, self-assessment instruments, and workshops on career paths, leadership, communication, and management. Explore offerings...

During Moran Chen’s time as a University of Virginia physics doctoral student, she helped set a world record in an area of physics that could play a crucial role in giving rise to a prototype quantum computer.

Mentoring Institute Fosters Inclusive Environment

Sponsored by the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Diversity Programs, this inter-ethnic, interdisciplinary program acclimates new students by providing access to advanced graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and faculty. 


Examining the incarceration of black women in the nation's capital during the Civil War has earned History student Tamika Richeson a Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women's Studies. 

With representatives from nearly all graduate programs in Arts and Sciences, the Graduate School’s Student Council has emerged as an effective voice in discussions with University leadership.

Teaching Writing

Mellon-funded seminars train graduate students in the humanities and social sciences to mentor undergraduates in the art of communicating to stratified audiences and effecting change through their writing.  Read more...