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A Competitive Advantage for Job Seekers

Graduate Career Services offers individual advising sessions, assistance in creating job search materials, mock interviews, online presence critiques, self-assessment instruments, and workshops on career paths, leadership, communication, and management. Explore offerings...

During Moran Chen’s time as a University of Virginia physics doctoral student, she helped set a world record in an area of physics that could play a crucial role in giving rise to a prototype quantum computer.

Mentoring Institute Fosters Inclusive Environment

Sponsored by the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Diversity Programs, this inter-ethnic, interdisciplinary program acclimates new students by providing access to advanced graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and faculty. 


National Geographic photographer – and University of Virginia alumnus – Ian Nichols is now working on a master’s degree in biology at U.Va. He has spent the summer at the University’s Mountain Lake Biological Station, studying and photographing the natural world. The station is located on a remote and nearly pristine mountaintop in Southwest Virginia.

It wasn’t that long ago that the Student Council of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences struggled to draw much of a turnout for its meetings. The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences enrolls about 1,200 students in 30 programs of study, yet only five years ago, most Council meetings drew less than 10 graduate students.

Teaching Writing

Mellon-funded seminars train graduate students in the humanities and social sciences to mentor undergraduates in the art of communicating to stratified audiences and effecting change through their writing.  Read more...