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A Competitive Advantage for Job Seekers

Graduate Career Services offers individual advising sessions, assistance in creating job search materials, mock interviews, online presence critiques, self-assessment instruments, and workshops on career paths, leadership, communication, and management. Explore offerings...

The People's Historian

Libby O'Connell received her doctorate from the University of Virginia's Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. In this story, from the Winter 2014 issue of Virginia Magazine, Libby talks about her career and the importance of the training she received in the Corcoran Department of History.

Mentoring Institute Fosters Inclusive Environment

Sponsored by the Office of Graduate Student Diversity Programs, this inter-ethnic, interdisciplinary program acclimates new students by providing access to advanced graduate students and faculty, research funds and conference travel support.  Read more...

The Musicality of Data

Anyone lured down the rabbit hole of their smart phones is familiar with the cacophony of tweets, Instagram posts and Facebook updates that can overwhelm even the most savvy of social media users. One graduate student in the University of Virginia’s McIntire Department of Music composed a clever way to cut through the noise, however.

Expanding Influence on Grad Life

It wasn’t that long ago that the Student Council of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences struggled to draw much of a turnout for its meetings. The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences enrolls about 1,200 students in 30 programs of study, yet only five years ago, most Council meetings drew less than 10 graduate students.

Teaching Writing

Mellon-funded seminars train graduate students in the humanities and social sciences to mentor undergraduates in the art of communicating to stratified audiences and effecting change through their writing.  Read more...